Our Place

Situated in the beautiful Franschhoek Valley, in Harmonie is a Place of Change.

Since 2015, in Harmonie has created opportunities for Christian leaders and ministries from diverse backgrounds to engage in community, find a place of rest, and experience the joys of restoration and reconciliation with God and others. At in Harmonie there is a welcoming atmosphere that tangibly demonstrates the love of Christ Jesus.

Kindly note that in Harmonie is by invitation only and that we unfortunately cannot facilitate walk-in visitors.

VERITAS (Conference Room)

Veritas: Latin for 'truth'.

Veritas is where we host most of our input sessions. Central to Veritas is The Victory painting by Brindley Pritchard featuring the crucifixion scene of our Lord Jesus Christ.

KOINONIA (Dining Room)

Koinonia: Greek for 'communication' or 'community'.

In Koinonia we gather to commune with each other, and to share a meal. Featuring a picture of The Last Supper, we are reminded of how Jesus invited His disciples to eat with Him.

SINFONIA (Library Lounge)

Sinfonia: Latin for 'to sound together' or 'an agreement of sound'.

Sinfonia offers a more intimate setting for small meetings, and where conversations about God is encouraged. It hosts our library, which guests are invited to make use of while spending time at in Harmonie.

CORAM DEO (Chapel)

Coram Deo: Latin for 'in the presence of God'.

Coram Deo, the chapel at in Harmonie, is where we gather for our communal Times Of Reflection, praise and worship, prayer and intercession, and communing with God.


The cottages are exclusively available to guests who attend Encounters that extend overnight. Each cottage has five en-suite twin bedrooms with a communal lounge area and fully-equipped kitchen suitable for self-catering.


The boma is a place for fellowship and conversing about our faith in and relationship with God. When you look up at the night sky, there is an opportunity to reflect on God Who created everything around us and Who holds the stars in His hands.


Tabernacle: The portable dwelling place of the divine presence of God.

The Tabernacle Route is an interactive prayer walk that is designed to encourage thoughtful prayer and meditation on the Lord.

AGNUS DEI (Prayer Garden)

Agnus Dei: Lamb of God.

The Agnus Dei Prayer Garden is based upon the Lord’s Prayer. It has been prayerfully and thoughtfully planned and laid out.


At in Harmonie we believe in faith baptism at an age where the person can make their own decision based on their conviction of faith.


The busyness of life often robs us of quiet moments of peaceful reflection on the Lord. There are two riverside areas with seating that provide “secret places” of solitude and an opportunity to “drink” from Jesus Christ, Who is the Source Of Living Water.


There is an established olive grove right next to our Agnus Dei Prayer Garden where guests are welcome to spend time and walk in between the trees.