Johan Beukes (CEO)

As CEO, Johan Beukes is responsible for the vision, strategy and spirituality of in Harmonie, aligning with his “core life business” that is the accompaniment of people, especially leaders and organisations, on their journeys towards having a meaningful impact in the world through their purpose, or who they are.  His academic and work experience are in the fields of Leadership, Coaching, Facilitation, Industrial Psychology, Education and Spirituality.

Janelie Kruger
Events Coordinator

As Events Coordinator, Janelie Kruger is responsible for the seamless roll out of the events at in Harmonie. An important part of the Marketing Team, she manages the facilities and staff and takes the utmost care to coordinate everything in line with in Harmonie’s vision.

Lourette Weyers
Company Secretary

Lourette Weyers is the in Harmonie Company Secretary. Efficiently dealing with all the administration, she makes a wonderful contribution behind the scenes, ensuring diaries are synched, bills are paid and that all guests enjoy a memorable time at in Harmonie.

Belinda Liebenberg
Registration and Hospitality Administrator
As Registrations and Hospitality Administrator at in Harmonie, Belinda Liebenberg is responsible for communicating all event details to guests and ensures every guest feels welcome and at rest on arrival and is taken care of during their stay.
Andriette de la Harpe
Experience and Programme Designer
Andriette de la Harpe has a heart and passion for leading people into God’s presence in worship. She believes that when we praise and worship and place our focus on God; healing, reconciliation, love and breakthrough happens. She loves to design the programme of the in Harmonie Events so that it adds to the overall theme, creating space and an atmosphere for people to consistently connect with God without any interruptions.
Lucinda Jones
Program Administrator
As Program Administrator at in Harmonie, Lucinda Jones plays a crucial part in supporting the management with her administrative skills. She takes great pride in her work and always strives for excellence. She believes that each guest deserves the best to the finest detail.
Desmond Beukes
Head of maintenance & handyman
As head of maintenance & handyman, Desmond Beukes is responsible to have all the facilities in tip top and working condition for the use of our guests and serves to have all logistical matters in order for events at in Harmonie.
Roselene Moses
Assistant Cleaner
As assistant cleaner, Roselene Moses plays a vital role in helping to have the venues and rooms clean, ready and welcoming for guest to enjoy their stay at in Harmonie and her efforts lay the ground work for the rest of the team to serve the guest.

How we are structured

At in Harmonie we seek to value and enrich the contribution and gifts of each team member. In order to work collaboratively, we recognise the value of having clear roles and responsibilities. We strive to operate within interconnecting circles, where each part of the organisation provides overlapping, important and distinctive contributions to the whole.

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