Help2Read is a group of volunteers, Literacy Tutors and staff members that work to erase illiteracy in South Africa. Since its inception in 2006, help2read has reached over 23 000 children throughout the country. The dedicated team members each invest their time to help young minds grow because “South Africa is experiencing a literacy crisis”. 

Puleng Mosalo, a Literacy Tutor and help2read team leader, has a passion for poetry and writing short stories. She first heard about help2read on the radio. She remembers, “I was fascinated by the work [help2read does] and that’s when I wanted to be a part of what they do.” Puleng knows that she is part of something essential to the betterment of South Africa. Now she can live her calling “to help people, work with children and teach.” 

Literacy is one of the keys to overcoming the challenges in South Africa.

“Literacy is important in our everyday life as we can never go anywhere without seeing a billboard or go anywhere and not have to read a sign along the way. Helping children with their reading skills gives them the ability to learn more and achieve more. South Africans can progress in their studies because all studies begin with reading then only does understanding come with reading.   

I think a challenge that South Africa faces are to get along as a country and agreeing. Help2read also faces the astronomical challenge of getting sponsors and reaching more schools. It helps that we can work with schools that welcome us, and allow us to host holiday reading clubs to reach children from other schools.

Due to shutdowns in my area, reaching schools on time, and at times, at all, is difficult. But we try and overcome this by organising transport for co-workers the day before the shutdown. I try to look for a solution that will suit everyone, starting with everyone’s opinions before we look for a solution.”

“It’s never too late to begin.” You can always make a better future for yourself. 

“A person can learn through reading, so give yourself time to read and ask if something is not clear. Being an older person doesn’t mean learning is over for you, there is always an institution that can accommodate you and give you a chance to better yourself.

Life gives what you allow and fate brings things according to your thinking. So think positive, start something and give it all your energy then things will work out for the best.”

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