We found out more about Healing Earth and its founder, Elisabeth Brandt. The holistic beauty and wellness brand refines and develops Africa’s precious natural resources to produce unique products that are earth, animal-, and people-friendly. They consider the environment, do not test on animals and take care of their staff and the greater community.

The Healing Earth team believes that we can transform the world by using our hearts to celebrate diversity and serve with integrity. We got in touch with the founder, Elisabeth Brandt, and found out what it takes to build a nature-inspired brand and how harmony is achieved through wellness.

In 1985, Elisabeth dedicated her life to furthering her studies in holistic health, yoga, Ayurvedic medicine and many East-meets-West therapies, including corporate coaching. After settling down in South Africa, she could finally realise a lifelong dream of opening her health and wellness centre, Serenity Wellness Centre, in 1993.

Determination and passion for Africa’s healing and innovative capabilities lead Elisabeth to establish Healing Earth. As a wellness pioneer, she and her team are committed to producing exceptional organic products while taking care of the environment and fellow human beings.

Elisabeth believes that she has a vocation in life. This is best summed up by the philosophy of her brand, Healing Earth.

“We believe in the power of dreams, leading from the heart, celebrating diversity, serving with integrity and transforming the world. Together, we strive to encourage authenticity, passion and purpose, upliftment through respect, inspiration through innovation, and victory through learning.

I started Healing Earth to share the healing powers of Africa with the world in a way that supports our local economy and furthers global sustainability initiatives. The non-profit arm of the business, the Healing Earth Foundation, was brought about to empower the youth of the communities in which we operate.”

Building a more harmonious South Africa is possible, but we need to take the first steps to overcome challenges in our communities.  

“The lack of holistic education and self-empowerment is definitely one of our greatest challenges, as all else stems from this. At the Healing Earth Foundation, we aim to nurture and develop conscious, healthy children and young adults through opportunities that allow for connecting holistically with the self and others.

As the sole owner of a busy company as well as a single mother of three, I am met with challenges that I need to face alone on a daily basis. Thanks to my keen interest in self-awareness and self-development, I have cultivated a number of rituals, practices and attitudes that help me navigate effectively through it all. These include formal practices like yoga, meditation and affirmation, but also the less tangible things like compassion and patience – both for myself and others.”

Change is necessary for the betterment of our country. Elisabeth discusses how Healing Earth encourages this process.

“We work on an ongoing basis, spending time each week to offer personal development, skills development, mindful movement, and pampering and self-care modalities at centres of need. All change starts within!”

Find out more about Healing Earth, get in touch or contribute to the Healing Earth Foundation via their website here: http://www.healingearth.group.com.