Durbie Cab started in 2017, when Jessica and Alicia decided to create a unique lift service in Durbanville because they saw a demand for this type of business. “We started at a private school, and within three months, we had requests from many schools around Durbanville. Alicia says, “being a parent myself, safety is my top priority and with each sign up I always like to place myself in the parents’ shoes.”

“We only employ female drivers who have a degree, are busy studying or have retired, Jessica says. Each driver gets thoroughly screened upon application, with childcare references checked and is sent on a first aid course. We also request that the driver obtains their PDP (Professional Driving Permit).” Jessica continues, “our mission at Durbie Cab is to offer a unique, personalised service that goes beyond just transporting kiddies. Our vision is to expand into other areas in Cape Town and we would also like to start advertising our drivers’ expertise to our clients as an extension of Durbie Cab services. This will help the driver benefit more from the business.”

What are some of the challenges that Durbie Cab faces?

One of Durbie Cab’s biggest concerns is fuel costs. “For example, fuel price increases and decreases and finding a happy medium instead of increasing and decreasing our prices every time the fuel fluctuates.” Another challenge is signing on drivers. “It is difficult to find someone with a degree or is working towards a degree who has the time to work from 06:00 – 08:00 and 12:00 – 17:00. It is also difficult to find someone who is flexible in terms of schedule changes from the clients. The screening process is quite extensive as well and waiting on documents or the certificate for first aid takes a while. On the back of this, Durbie Cab is challenged by the urgency of requests or inquiries that need to happen.

How is Durbie Cab the way forward for educational environments? 

Durbie Cab saw that there was a gap in the market for safe and reliable transport, and for a trusted person who can tend to their children for school meetings and activities when a parent is busy. “Durbie Cab is the way forward for educational environments because we offer a safe and personal lift service where we try and interact with the parents and children as much as possible to ensure that they have trust in us with peace of mind that their children are safe and happy. We saw the demand for transport as it has become apparent that both parents prefer or need to work nowadays and often have to travel quite a distance to and from work. This is why we fill the gap between transport and au pairing. We try our utmost best to accommodate out of the usual transport requests and/or additional duties from the parents to the best of our abilities.” Durbie Cab is thrilled by the impact they’re making on families in the Northern Suburbs and will continue to support the needs of their community with their unique business concept.