The team behind Reach for a Dream believes in the power of dreams. They encourage children to use their dreams to fight their life-threatening diseases. The dream team goes above and beyond to make these children’s wishes come true. They make various projects accessible to children throughout South Africa in the hopes to enrich the lives of sick children.

Reach for a Dream has realised nearly 20 000 dreams since its inception in 1988. As the foundation grows, more children from all walks of life, between the ages of 3 and 18 years old, have a chance to fulfil their dreams.

As a young girl, Heidi Rowley wanted to be a paediatrician and, although this didn’t come to fruition, she found her calling to still work towards the benefit of children. Heidi started volunteering for Reach for a Dream and now, 30 years later, she is proud to be branch manager and pillar in the organisation.

“To be able to bring joy and light into the lives of the children and their families is such a privilege! It makes my soul happy to know that we can make an impactful difference in their lives by making their dreams come true. Reach for a Dream is built through the heart of people, from doctors to donors, our very passionate and committed staff, and volunteers – every single day, in many different ways.”

The difficulties in South Africa are many, but collaboration can overcome them all.

“We have many social and economic challenges that range from unemployment to under-resourced schools, insufficient public health services, infrastructure limitations, and corruption. All of us need to stand up to our individual weaknesses and work together to create an environment of entrepreneurship, upskilling and, most importantly, collaboration. We must bring back the sense of pride and Rainbow Nation gees!

We can move from disharmony to harmony through evaluation. By evaluating all sides of a problematic situation, and considering how you would react if the ‘shoe were on the other foot’, you can come to an understanding of the other person’s view and possibly reach a consensus on the situation. In South Africa, we can move forward by appointing properly skilled people who align with job requirements, follow measurable objectives, take responsibility and are accountable.”

We, each of us, can help South Africa.

“I do feel that as South Africans, we can be united and brought together in the common purpose of making SA better. If I look within our organisation and to our valued stakeholders who are from all walks of life, there is definitely a sharing of hope for all children, regardless of race, creed or circumstance. We all have the task of making hopes and dreams possible.

Here, people from all lifestyles and different demographics share their passion through purpose. Individuals form a tightly knit community within RFAD, and are the heart of the organisation. We can never underestimate the power of collective, authentic intention and the value created because of the people. This can hold true for any industry from schools to the public sector.”

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