More about Chrisri

At the moment, Chrisri is working as the Outreach Coordinator at the Joshua Generation Church in Wellington. In their outreaches, Chrisri and her team train people on how to make wise and meaningful life choices and help them find purpose.

“It’s important that we don’t just go on outreach and make a difference, but truly connect with the people there and build strong relationships so we can all support each other in the future and checkup how everyone’s doing”, she explained as she spoke about her job with passion and determination. “In our community outreaches, we also really try to make sure that we can build towards something better for the future. We help people realise that although they might be struggling, we are all part of something bigger,” says Chrisri.

Chrisri continues by saying theat she constantly aims to mentor the students at TMT and help them find meaning in what they do. Socially, Chrisri explains that it’s important also to ask the difficult questions, trying to constantly see if people are growing, learning and working towards their vision.

“In our community outreaches we also really try to make sure that we can build towards something better for the future. We help people realize that although they might be struggling, we are all part of something bigger.”

What are some of the challenges you face in your daily life?

One of her daily struggles is to find the time and a way to equally connect with all 34 students around her and build meaningful relationships.

“I am also a person who is extremely results-driven, and I always aim at striving for the best and reaching our goals,” Chrisri explains. Sometimes, however, things change, and they don’t always go according to plan. Disappointment is a hard thing to deal with for Chrisri, especially if you have a certain vision and dream. Chrisri therefore constantly reminds herself of what she’s working towards and thinks about how they can be better and improve for the next time.

How do you overcome these challenges?

Firstly, in situations where Chrisri feels slightly thrown off, a good debriefing is always one of the top things she focuses on. This way she knows which areas she needs to focus on for the future. Other than that, she surrounds herself with people who speak love and life. “A good support group is super important. They help you see the bigger picture and encourage you when you can’t encourage yourself.”

What is one of the best memories of your life?

Chrisri reflects to a moment where herself and a group of close friends sat in the back of a bakkie and went swimming on the most beautiful day. On the drive there, with the wind in her hair, she was overcome with an immense sense of joy. “It felt like my life was a movie, surrounded with people I love while laughing and swimming. It was a moment of reflection where I just stood in awe of how thankful I am of the life I’ve got and how undeserving I am of all of these good things around me. It really was a stunning moment”, said Chrisri with a big smile on her face.

Any words of advice for people who need hope?

  1. Share your burden. It’s amazing how at peace you can start to feel when you ask for help and let the people around you help ease the load on your shoulders.
  2. Either change your perspective or change the situation. You can’t change everything, but you can change the way you see it. What helps Chrisri when she’s down is thinking ‘How big is my problem in comparison to eternity?’ Some problems may feel bigger than others, but it always helps her to see the bigger picture and face her problem one step at a time.