An interview with Brindley Pritchard

We had the privilege of sitting down with fine artist, Brindley Pritchard. Brindley shared his insights on harmony, spoke about how he faces daily challenges and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his painting ‘The Victory’.

More about Brindley and his piece ‘The Victory’.

The Victory is a large painting done by Brindley, portraying the crucifixion of Jesus, which now proudly resides at in Harmonie.

When asked about his “calling” in life, Brindley confidently responded that he believes his calling is to create artwork. He added that this includes being a blessing to people and being a vehicle for the Lord’s use. Brindley feels that through his artwork, he’s able to bless those around him and create artwork that carries spiritual significance. Brindley humbly emphasises that nothing he does could be possible without the guidance of the Lord.

How do you think one moves from a place of disharmony to harmony?

Brindley firmly believes that the transition between the two antagonising forces happens by using the Lord as your navigating system. This should steer one not only through external problems and issues but will also allow you to re-establish the harmony that was unsettled in your being as well. “The enrichment that you find within yourself will be the enrichments that you find in your workplace and any other place,” says Brindley.

What are some of the challenges you face in your daily life?

In Brindley’s day to day, he explains that he puts a lot of focus into keeping circumstantial factors from disrupting his creative process for the day. Brindley finds it crucial that he always tries to bring the Lord’s presence into his artwork as well as the entire creative process. By doing this, it helps Brindley focus on what God wants to bring to mind, not just what he has in mind.”

What are some of the challenges you experienced while creating “The Victory” piece?

Brindley reflects on creating “The Victory” and says it was both exhilarating, refreshing and daunting all the same. Brindley explains that it’s a challenging task to take on something you have never seen done before, especially if you’re not familiar with the road on how to get there. However, Brindley believes that it was these very challenges that made it such a unique piece to work on. Brindley had to find certain answers for himself and persevere through the difficulties, challenges and bends, which ultimately all added into the joy of seeing the piece grow.

One of the other challenges Brindley experienced while working on ‘The Victory’ was how it contrasted his usual painting genre, which mostly consisted of painting aesthetics. With this piece, however, Brindley had to paint these larger than life intense open wounds, something that he had never painted before. Brindley worked meticulously, constantly made mistakes and redid certain parts until he got it right. Through the entire process he was head and heart strong on getting it right.

Brindley lovingly and gratefully added how the Lord has blessed him his wife, Janine, who has an incredible eye and heart to help him. Brindley tells us how Janine is always there, in the thick of things, for him. Janine is often actively involved in the creative process, which Brindley finds stimulating and believes that it brings them closer together.

What would you say are some of the opportunities you have had in life that brought you to where you are today?

Brindley reflects on some of the opportunities he had while growing up. One of the most monumental opportunities he believes shaped him into the man he is today, was growing up in the home of a brilliant sculptor, his father. “He was a great influence on my life, taught me perseverance, taught me individuality in my work, taught me confidence and blessed me through taking me to art school and further qualifications.” Brindley says.

The next moment that stood out for Brindley in his journey to where he is today, was the day that he was saved. “God came in and absolutely turned my life upside down, shook me out and had me sitting virtually naked from everything else – on a white canvas.” Brindley explained that he suddenly had to re-access everything and re-assemble his life completely. Brindley then switched from a complete bohemian existence to looking up and only seeing Him and allowing God to help him grow. “The biggest part of all of this is Jesus,” says Brindley.

Do you have any words of advice for those who feel like they have lost all hope?

In times of hopelessness, Brindley believes that we should ask the Lord to help us put thankfulness in everything we do, even if we have no inclination or heart to do so. When keeping your focus on Him, things will fall into place and the entire atmosphere around you will change too. “Situations that looked dismal suddenly just straighten and smoothen out and the smile comes back in your face.”

Brindley ends off by saying that we should always remember the wonder of the Lord. “We have an unfair advantage over the wrong that happens. We just need to implement it and call onto Him and His guidance, and He’s there.”