Call 2 Care is a non-profit organisation (NPO) based in Cape Town. Their vision is to improve the lives of others through education, making it easier for the public, corporate and governmental institutions (or members) to make a difference on a larger scale. These educational outreach projects are an end-to-end service that aims to provide people with the relevant tools and resource to be able to make a difference. It’s all about empowering, inspiring and positively transforming communities in the best way possible.

Michelle managers the Philile Project, which is an after-school programme for children. They offer a holistic approach which focuses on positive psychology, physical activity and environmental learning.

What are some of the challenges Call 2 Care faces?

Michelle says, “one of our main challenges has been the needs of beneficiaries outweighing the funding and volunteers available from the public and private sector.” She continues, “additionally, due to numerous structural barriers, on a practical level, this makes it quite challenging to run our projects to ensure active participation of the private and public sector. For example, some of the areas that we work in are very under-resourced and lack basic amenities such as running water and toilets, paved roads and electricity which makes it difficult to deliver community development solutions.”

How do you overcome these challenges?

“Planning, planning and then some more planning! It is so important for us to consider all factors and variables, and account for them when rolling out our projects. We are fortunate to have a team of individuals who are so passionate about improving lives through education to ensure that our projects are successful and impactful.” She continues, it is also important that, when doing any community work, we establish a strong relationship with the people in that community.” She continues, “this way, you can truly make a sustainable difference together and use education to empower the community and learn from one another.” As a result of their work thus far, Michelle says “we are so grateful to the people we work with who have opened their doors, welcomed us and allowed us to share knowledge and skills.”

How is Call 2 Care making a difference in South Africa?

“We have been privileged to be able to pioneer some amazing projects and outreach events to various communities within the Cape Town Metropole and beyond. From providing diabetes awareness events and testing in Khayelitsha to building water-wise vegetable garden beds in Langa, Hout Bay, Stellenbosch, Paarl and Milnerton, to running psycho-social workshops with youth and after-school skills development courses with children in Gugulethu. To date, we have established 107 vegetable gardens, hosted 320 workshops, fed 268 children daily and empowered 2100 lives through our programmes.”

Any words of encouragement for people and/or communities who are in need of hope?  

“As cliché as the saying goes, we believe that if the opportunity arises to reach out to other people or to learn from those around you, then do it. We live in a country and society that is faced with a multitude of challenges, and social and economic issues, and it is up to each one of us to use our voice and resources to make a difference in the lives of those around us.” Michelle strongly believes that the most powerful of these actions is taking the first step and making a connection on a grassroots level.