The Pebbles Project:

Founded in 2004, the Pebbles Project is a non-profit organisation which is passionate about supporting children and their families in farming communities. They work within the following key areas: education, health, nutrition, community and protection. “We focus on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live in order to make a significant and lasting difference.”

What are some of the challenges the Pebble Project faces?

Charmaine says, “most non-profit organisations will agree that funding is one of the biggest challenges when considering the beneficiaries that you serve. It is also at times a concern for us, as is changing government regulations and the increasing competition for donor and supporter resources.”

How do you overcome these challenges?

“As a non-profit that has been in existence for 15 years, we always look for innovative ways to overcome these challenges in much more depth, as well as some opportunities for us to thrive as we progress and forge into the coming years.” She continues, “we invest in other ways to generate an income, such as hosting fundraising events and offering our health services to other organisations at a nominal fee.” They also explore other alternatives so they can provide solutions that are not always donor reliant.

How is the Pebble Project making a difference?

The Pebble Project has five main pillars: education, health, nutrition, community and protection, with the core focus on providing quality education. “We understand that effective learning only takes place when several key factors, which may affect the learning process, are addressed. Our holistic approach allows us to assist children, not only with their education but also with other factors that will affect the child’s ability to learn.” Anything to offer their children the best possible chance at success.

Words of encouragement for communities or people in need of hope?

As Christopher Goodman once said: “If we expect change, we must act on our hope every day until we have accomplished what we wanted.” Charmaine is proud to say “The Pebbles Project was founded in 2004 with the object to change lives and effect change. 15 years later, we have accomplished more than we could have dreamed of.” She continues, “everyone has it in them to be part of the change within their own communities. Sometimes it begins with just asking how or what your next step needs to be.”