Chic Mamas Do Care is a Cape Town-based registered non-profit organisation that aims to raise funds for educational projects in impoverished areas around South Africa. Abigel says, “I was inspired to do something about the scale of poverty in South Africa, and the only way we can break the cycle of poverty is with quality education. I have looked at the several factors contributing to the low level of education in our country, and one of the biggest revelations came when I learned that 78% of Grade 4s could not read in any language.” She continues, “this is a shocking statistic, and the root of the problem comes down the lack of proper early childhood development and school readiness programmes.”

“I started Chic Mamas at home, and now we are present in four different locations impacting the lives of thousands of children. Our support, in the form of funds raised via our upmarket boutiques and pop up events, go to literacy, numeracy, ECD, life skills and different vital projects in needy communities.”

What are some of the challenges Chic Mamas Do Care faces?

“My biggest challenge is to stay motivated. The lack of intervention from the government side is very discouraging at times. But then we remember how Chic Mamas wish to create the change. So, we have to keep working at it. Without any excuses, the children deserve to live in a better society!”

How do you overcome these challenges?

“With passion and compassion. At Chic Mamas Do Care, we have over 45 volunteers working for the greater good, passionate to uplift the lives of many and make an impact. The more clothing we get and sell, the more we can help others. We love what we do and have a strong team spirit among ourselves.” She continues, “when we see the smiley, happy children who love to participate in the projects we support, then we know we are overcoming all the obstacles. Children deserve an opportunity in life.”

How is Choc Mamas Do Care making a difference in South Africa?

“Since the delivery of our very first project in 2011, which was an Edutainer, an extended classroom refurbished from an old shipping container, we have contributed over 6.2 million Rand towards vital projects.” She continues, “Chic Mamas not only creates sustainable funds but also promotes green and conscious shopping, and environmental awareness, while creating a community of caring citizens.”

Any words of encouragement for people and / or communities who are in need of hope?  

“I would like to share the words of an Indian Saint who once said: “Why is there so much suffering in our World? He answered: because compassion is not fully revealed or manifested.” Abigel continues, “we should think about these words every day. If we fully wish to make a difference, we can start one act at a time, no matter how small it is, if the motif is love, it will have a ripple effect.” She continues, “one act of kindness will bring many more along the way. The more we open our hearts to help others without any return or expectation, the more we are able to experience the change around us. Because after all, it is all about how we change the world for the better. How much we care, it’s up to us.”