Our Vision

What we ultimately want to see is beyond our control but within our influence.
The vision of in Harmonie is to facilitate a movement from disharmony to in harmony. This shift will happen through the formation of changed people and changed communities who have begun living a harmonious hope-bearing life, as followers of Jesus, in the midst of the world, whether in secular or ministry positions.

Why We Exist?

We notice that many people, including Christ followers, can struggle to find helpful ways to respond to the disharmony of their lives (personal, interpersonal and professional). We have been called to make them aware of the transformational potential in any context of disharmony, therefore we believe that people can bring about more change towards harmony and live their lives categorised by rest, restoration and reconciliation.

Our Purpose

in Harmonie is a place of change, accompanying and equipping people and communities so that all
might reach their potential to be hope-bearers who bring about harmony.
We want every community to be a place of change where everyone is able to experience:
realising the disharmony and hopelessness within and without and feeling spiritually, emotionally and physically, rested
receiving healing in relationships and within oneself
equipping people to be bearers of hope and impacting society in a unique/ meaningful/ redemptive way

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