A bit more about Melanie

Melanie is the Creative & Events manager at Triga Ventures and is currently managing the events around the Accelerator Programme. Melanie describes herself as wearing many hats. As being part of this successful start-up, it’s often a space where everyone does everything, says Melanie. Before working at Triga Ventures, Melanie worked in the fashion and events industry.

Can you briefly name a few of the opportunities you had while growing up that made you the person you are today?

Melanie spoke about being in a privileged position growing up and how she is both aware of and thankful for many of the opportunities she had, including a good education, being able to travel and see more of the country and world and being raised in a loving family home. She was always very aware that not everyone around her received the same privileges, and committed herself to help restore that inequality.

Can you briefly describe your experience at In Harmonie?

Melanie describes the recent event hosted by Triga Ventures, which was held at in Harmonie, by saying she only has pleasant memories. The Accelerator Programme was held at in Harmonie from the 21st to the 25th of May. During this gathering, the fellows of Triga Ventures spent time with a group of mentors, engaging around foundational issues in an atmosphere that encouraged times of reflection, along with critical thinking and discussion. Melanie continued by complimenting the staff at in Harmonie and described how they were all incredibly helpful. “At the end of the weekend, it felt as if they became part of the team,” says Melanie. Melanie was thoroughly impressed with the overall experience at in Harmonie and feels as if it created a high standard for other venues to compete with in the future.

How do you think a person moves from a state of disharmony to harmony?

Personally, Melanie believes that finding harmony starts at an organic moment where you decide to be completely honest with yourself. Melanie continues by explaining that there are many different walks in life, and one should, therefore, move into each other’s worlds with respect. “To move into a space of harmony, you have to be aware of other people’s backgrounds and stories”, says Melanie. You can do this by listening without judgement and seeking God throughout everything you do. Melanie ends off by saying that there are three key things to enable this transition towards harmony, which are honesty, vulnerability and truthfulness.

How do you and your organisation engage in this process of change?

Triga Ventures is a Christian organisation who has the vision of solving some of Africa’s most pressing challenges by supporting those visionaries themselves, which are the entrepreneurs on the ground; building redemptive ventures. These ventures are all rising starts within their fields and will pioneer cultural and societal change.

Any words of advice or encouragement you would like to share with those who feel like they have lost hope?

Melanie shares a word of encouragement, explaining that one should try to find the small victories in your day to day life. “Find the small victories and the goodness of God in those moments”, says Melanie. All these small things will add up to a more hopeful future. Melanie concluded by emphasising how important it is to meditate on those small things in your daily life which will all contribute to the bigger picture of finding hope.