More about Joshua

Joshua is the founder and CEO of Fix Forward. Fix Forward is a non-profit social enterprise, dedicated to connecting homeowners and businesses wanting to renovate with hand-picked quality tradespeople. However, the social impact that Joshua Fix Forward has goes much deeper than construction and contractors.

Can you briefly name a few of the opportunities you had while growing up that made you the person you are today?

Joshua describes the privilege he had while growing up and attending a mixed-race school in the 80’s. During this experience, Joshua mentions that he was exposed to students from different backgrounds and experiences. During this time, Joshua recalls being made aware of various social challenges which he describes as a fundamental experience in his life. Joshua also mentions the huge influence his parents had on his life.  From a young age, both his parents encouraged him to follow a career that he felt passionate about, rather than focusing on money as his main purpose.

Can you briefly describe your experience at In Harmonie?

Joshua describes his experience at in Harmonie, as ‘amazing.’ Joshua continues to explain that he enjoyed the contrast of the peacefulness at in Harmonie, from the busyness of their daily lives. Another aspect that stood out at in Harmonie for Joshua was the space of the garden and chapel. This space, along with the programme of the event with Triga ventures encouraged a greater centrality of spirituality and thinking.

What do you think some of the challenges are in building a more harmonious South Africa?

According to Joshua, the critical challenge in South Africa is the fact that there is a large gap when it comes to the understanding of each other’s different backgrounds and experiences. “The conversation is frequently on the past yet disregards the ongoing pain and struggle of today. The fact that we are in a healed or clean state is unfortunately not the reality,” says Joshua.

How do you think a person moves from a state of disharmony to harmony?

Joshua believes that moving towards a state of harmony involves stepping out and gaining an understanding of those around you. “Spend time with people, listen with genuine curiosity and gain a new perspective,” says Joshua.

How do you and your organisation engage in this process of change?

Joshua explains that Fix Forward aims at creating greater equality by bridging the gap between communities. Fix Forward aims at building an equal and just society by creating opportunities for tradespeople from low-income communities to develop and thrive. Joshua explains that through creating positive experiences between clients and contractors, you start to shift perceptions.

Any words of advice or encouragement you would like to share with those who feel like they have lost hope?

“Sometimes challenges may seem big and daunting,” says Joshua. One can get lost in the immensity of challenges. When this happens, Joshua urges people to think about the small things that they can do where they are at that moment in time. Joshua concludes by saying that by changing yourself in a community, step by step, these small changes will eventually turn into a big change.