More about Anthony

Anthony Farr is the CEO of Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Africa. Anthony is responsible for the execution of the Gray family philanthropy across the continent of Africa. Anthony describes their philosophy as being focused around addressing the issues of unemployment and inequality across Africa.

Can you briefly name a few of the opportunities you had while growing up that made you the person you are today?

When Anthony was around eight years old, his family moved to the UK. Reflecting, Anthony mentions that during that time he had to deal with a lot of change. Suddenly, they had to embrace this total new expensive engagement with the world compared to South Africa. This gave Anthony a broader perspective of the world we live in and the full reality of the world.

Can you briefly describe your experience at In Harmonie?

Anthony described in Harmonie as a very safe space. He continues to mention that there was a calm atmosphere at in Harmonie. “The surroundings and context of the weekend catered for a real opportunity for change and growth,” says Anthony.  Anthony then continues by describing how the space at in Harmonie created meaningful conversation and an inspiring and encouraging environment.

What do you think some of the challenges are in building a more harmonious South Africa?

Anthony continues by saying that he believes at times, there is a genuine lack of opportunity to understand each other in this country. Anthony describes how we are a nation of complex and extremely diverse individuals. Therefore, it’s often hard to truly understand someone, creating a division between people.

How do you think a person moves from a state of disharmony to harmony?

Anthony explains that we should all consciously decide to try to understand the people around you. You need to engage on a human level without any judgement. Disharmony cannot be eradicated by trying with one’s own strength. We should embrace our weaknesses, and in our weakness, God can step in.

How do you and your organisation engage in this process of change?

Anthony spoke about how the different levels of inequality affect our community and continue to separate us. This jeopardises the ability to flourish in the future. Anthony continues by saying their organisation helps equip people who can deal with the challenges of unemployment and other stumbling blocks.

How do you see the way forward for yourself and South Africa?

Anthony believes that in spite of our immediate challenges, we should never forget the potential of our country. We are renowned for beating the odds. It ultimately starts with that belief.

Any words of advice or encouragement you would like to share with those who feel like they have lost hope?

Anthony immediately recalls a simple phrase “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” In a time of hopelessness, you are often on the cusp of an opportunity that breaks through. “Disharmony is temporary. We are moving towards a more harmonious state constantly, with deviations along the way,” Anthony concludes.