What’s the significance of this gathering for leaders in Cape Town?

Ford starts by saying, “This is not just any conference, it is a conference filled with movers and shakers. People who are dedicated to creating change, not only talking about it.”

What is your God-given vision for Africa?

After visiting Egypt, Ford told his wife that it’s the only place he’s travelled to that he would love to go back to. Emotionally, he continues by saying that the same thing happened to him when he visited Africa. “I believe that God is calling me to be a part of helping the continent of Africa.”

What is a fundamental perspective that hinders development in Africa?

Ford explains that the people of Africa see themselves as less than. “But, they have all the natural resources – farming, diamonds, chocolate. The people are incredible but have a mindset that ends up holding them back. What I believe I’ve done for people, is help them change their mindsets. I hope God gives me the opportunity to keep doing that here in Africa.” Ford says passionately.

What is the potential for collaboration amongst the Summit delegates?

At these conferences, there are many powerful people in the room having important discussions, says Ford. Ford notes that there’s a focus in the room and everyone tries to identify the different skill sets in the room and if those skill sets match up with the problems are in Africa. “One clear problem is the leadership. There are corrupt leaders, so we try and come in and help change these mindsets and types of leadership in the room,” says Ford.

What is the vision that God has given you in the area of leadership development?

During prayer time, Ford encountered God saying that He would get to live to see leaders that will humble themselves before God and submit to one another. “And when these leaders find themselves together, that there will be an accelerated conversion of synchronised destiny. As more and more leaders find each other, we’ll see a great change in Africa,” says Ford.

What does a transformed Africa look like?

In a transformed Africa, Ford believes that we will see “Less poverty, less divorce rate, less racism, less corruption – all these numbers will be declining, and we’ll see an increase in believers. Believers who don’t just know that Jesus is the son of God, but know him personally. As these percentages start changing, we will see a change in our environments,” says Ford.

What steps can be taken to remove the scourge of corruption across the continent?

Ford explains that the leadership problems in Africa, are very much the same as the problems in many other areas in the world. “We’ve come to a place in history where our leaders have started caring more about themselves than the people or the country. As long as we have leaders where that the truth, nothing is going to change,” says Ford.

Ford believes that if people could come together, unite and come up with a strategy, then although it may take a while, we will able to get the right type of government leaders.

What do you see as the purpose of leadership and its outworking in Africa?

Ford concludes by saying “The purpose of leadership is to cast vision, serve, teach, train, equip, empower and evaluate the people who are moving towards a common vision. I believe Jesus gives us the definition of leadership when we’re willing to lay our life down for other people. When those two things come together, we can see a serious change,” says Ford.