What do you think are some practical solutions in the area of health care for Africa?

In the perspective of God, there is a major shift coming. A shift from curative health care where there are hospitals most Africans cannot access, to preventative healthcare, where the principals of health and life and community are going to be the broad-based approach to delivering health care.

The focus will not be on government. God is showing us over and over again that he loves people. He is calling leaders in every aspect of the socio fabric and culture of Africa, to join Him in this move. He also wants the communities to take ownership by using innovation in every form.

One image that I received from God that I found interesting was that we need to change the African diet to a diet of priests and kings- a diet of life. There is a specific diet and a healthy way of eating that God wants to shift into healthcare and the shift is going to be powerful. It is do-able because God is in it.

What are some of the potential contributions that could come from this Summit towards the fulfilment of your vision?

The gathering we are having is very unique. Not just physically and socially, but spiritually. If you look at the Ministry of Jesus Christ, He came and made a diagnosis. He was preaching the good message to the poor and He opened the doors of prison- both physical and mental prisons. God came to fix the broken hearts. God said that we should go and preach the gospel, heal the sick and raise the dead.

Therefore, it’s ministry of Christ that is all an extension of His persona, His power, His love, wisdom and revelation. At this summit, we have the world-changers and people who will carry the gospel with size and wonders. For this move of God in the area of healthcare to manifest, it has to shatter that stronghold of academic Christianity, because God is a Spirit. God is a Spirit and those who worship him in business, in church, in government or media, education or healthcare, mothers and fathers must, not if or maybe, but must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. As we do that, God will reveal mysteries and keys of health, life, deliverance and salvation for the whole continent.

What can this group do to facilitate the vision?

My concrete vision for this group is to help bring in this diet fit for Christian kings into every community in Africa, especially the rural communities. We can do this through education. One of the problems I see we have in Africa is that we don’t have knowledge. We need to realise that we are what we eat and in so many parts of Africa the diet doesn’t meet basic healthy requirements. So, I want the team here with the resources we have to go and mobilise and teach agriculture through God’s way. Communities need to know that they can plant and grow food on our African soil. All of this will happen when based in prayer. Prayer is powerful and can even change the soil where it has been depleted. Prayer can bring nutrition back and give us the right tools and ideas around agriculture. Which is why it’s important to continue with the important conversation of planting community gardens and farms that will begin to feed us and bring us life.

How do we move from a place of disharmony to living together in harmony?

We need to be taught that there is a link between disharmony, destruction, death and disobedience to God. Deuteronomy 28 – that is the answer to this question.