We sit down with Brian as he tells us more about his seven-year journey in Ibiza. Brian is a man who speaks wisdom and truth in such a way that you sit on the edge of your seat, wanting to soak up every word. His British accent filled the room yet rings true to what South Africa is experiencing today. Brian explained that God’s call for him and his wife was to go to the party island and pray. So, he and his wife Tracey followed. For seven years, they walked and prayed around the walls of the San Antonio.

Joined by volunteers, most nights were spent talking to those who were out drinking for the night, offering prayer to them. Thousands said yes. Some knelt, some put their hands together, some shared deep worries and concerns. Brian and his team helped people home, looked after those in danger of being robbed, and befriended all kinds of people, from bar owners to prostitutes. With the impact they made, the familiar T-shirts of 24-7 Ibiza soon came to be recognised as a fourth emergency service.

When asked about his experience at In Harmonie, Brian laughed as he had only arrived the day before. Although his stay had only begun, Brian easily spoke of the incredible sense of peace and tranquillity he had already experienced at In Harmonie. “I love what happens here around reconciliation, but also in reconciling oneself with God,” says Brian.

How does one move from a state of disharmony to harmony?
Brian explains that to move from a space of disharmony to harmony; you need to encounter the Father. Brian continues by explaining that when you look at Genesis, you will see that in the cool of the day, The Lord God walked with Adam and Eve. This suggests that God walked for pleasure. Sometimes what happens, is we think of trying to connect with God as a list – please do this, please do that. However, God wants people to walk with Him and encounter Him for pleasure. “I’ve got two sons, and they don’t just come to me when they want something or want me to do something. Sometimes, they just want to be with me, sit on my lap and be with their Dad,” says Brian.

Brian then emphasises that sometimes, we have to create our own spaces in our lives where we have time to walk with God. “We can all create gardens in our own lives. The term ‘garden’, Brian explained, has a Hebrew connotation and translation of ‘enclosed Eden.’

Brian talked about how everyone’s ‘garden’ can be something different. The important thing is that we make time to meditate, reflect and spend time with God in it. “The hour in my armchair at home that I use for my ‘quiet time’ is also me walking through my garden,” Brian explains. However, it’s important that we take our experiences and put it to use in the real world. When one encounters God, we breathe in His presence. When breathing in that presence, one is then called to take that presence into the world that so desperately needs it. “Prayer is not supposed to be locked away in some prayer room or in our closet. Prayer is very much about hearing our Father and responding to our Father,” Brian emphasised.

The more we encounter God and the more we experience him, the clearer we will hear his holy spirit when we’re in the outside world. Because we listen to the Holy Spirit, we will instigate change. Brian adds that he understood his own father’s voice because he grew up with him. “I knew the intonation of his voice.”

Through knowing the intonation of God’s voice – that’s how we make change happen.

Briand ended off by saying that in “times of trouble and feelings of hopelessness, it is exactly that voice of the holy spirit that will nudge you and remind you of what is good and what you need to do and where you’re going.”