The Tabernacle Path of Prayer follows the layout of the Tabernacle as described in the book of Exodus, chapter 25- 27 and 35 – 40. Often misunderstood, the word ‘Tabernacle’ refers to a residence, dwelling or sanctuary, and as such describes the portable dwelling place of the Divine Presence of God. It was used by God’s people during their departure from Egypt, until Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem.

As you journey through seven prayer stations, you are encouraged to hear again the invitation to come into God’s presence, through Jesus Christ granting you, and each of us, open access. From the outer courtyard to the innermost sanctum, the Tabernacle’s three distinct sections each contain significant elements. As you pass through the gate of the outer courtyard the bronze altar of sacrifice and the bronze washbasin is reached. Entering the tent of the tabernacle the Holy place is accessed. Here the lamp stand, table of showbread and the altar of incense is reached. Afterwards you enter through the veil into the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant representing the dwelling place of the presence of God, is found.

We pray that you will be inspired through this exploration, and gain deep awareness of God the Father residing in you, and dwelling amongst us through the access granted by the sacrifice of His Son, and the gracious presence of His Spirit upon this path.