Anchoring all of the in Harmonie buildings is the chapel Coram Deo. The Coram Deo Chapel (named for the Latin term “in the presence of God”) encourages reflections at seven stations within the chapel, inspired by the stained-glass windows.

For centuries, this form of art has been used to capture beauty, conveying truth by encouraging learning, recollection and storytelling in times of predominant illiteracy. It also serves as an aesthetic and symbolic purpose as images come alive when light shines through them. With these large stained glass windows representing heroes of the Christian faith pointing to Jesus Christ and an organ emphasising the important role music plays in praise and contemplation; the chapel serves as a gathering place for prayer and worship.

We pray that God’s eternal permeating light may shine in you and through you during this time of reflection and may it make you come alive in the presence of God.

“Each of us is a stained-glass window. No matter how gifted the artistry and beautiful the art, it takes light streaming through it to bring out its glory. Jesus is that light” – Leonard Sweet